18 May 2015


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In the meantime, I am still doing some gardening and upkeep with the aquariums, just not finding time to take the photographs (which I enjoy) or post about it much right now.

The nicotiana have doubled in size, I have set out rows of sunflower seedlings and some tithonia in the B Yard, have prepared a little 5x10' garden plot, have plenty of stout tomato, marigold, lettuce, swiss chard, cilantro and broccoli seedlings that really need to go into the ground still sitting in green rows on the deck. Been eating plenty of lettuce already, out of their little pots. Lovely fresh and sweet.

09 May 2015

young nicotiana

I've pricked out a handful of seedlings from the greenhouse jug to put into their individual pots. The look so small.
I'd hoped more would self-seed, but only one pot had seedlings grown in there of their own accord.
There's still over a dozen seedlings in the jug base; I might pot more up when they get a bit larger (too small to handle).

06 May 2015

bye, fish

Pinkie died today. He was over 2 years old, and spent the first year with me in a bowl, so I probably shouldn't be surprised. But it was my fault. He choked on food- I forgot he would even try and fed a whole shrimp pellet to the gang to pick apart- and he tried to eat it all in one bite before I could reach in there. My fault. I didn't notice until took his body out and had it up close, that his fin edges were ragged. The barbs and loaches still in the tank look fine. I tested the water quality, it was fine. Was he stressed, or ill these past few days? I don't know.

He was my favorite fish.
Oh, and I never made note of this before, but I laughed when I saw his picture on the back of a fish magazine!
I'd never seen one like my Pinkie before, in print or in person.

05 May 2015

and there is a rose

I don't really think of this one as my plant, but I've started to give it some care- extra mulch and compost feed, sprayed a good round of neem oil (the flanking bushes looks like they have spider mites arrrrggghhh) and guess what the plant looks gorgeous vivid new lovely greens.
My boyfriend shrugs again at my enthusiasm: yeah, it's green. It's growing. It does that. I'm waiting eagerly to see if the roses are better than before- they've always been small and scrawny, the plant narrow and leggy. It never got pruned or fed before, in all the years I've visited here. So I think this will show.


getting too big for its vase
so I put it in a taller one

the original rooted plant in pot set in a white vase, still is doing practically nothing

04 May 2015


Lots of new sprouting leaves on the top of this plant now.

03 May 2015

more young plants

I don't know if it's just been so long since I had a proper garden I've forgotten, or if these plants are actually growing better for me than ever before. Because they look more vivid in color, more robust and large for their age, than I ever recall. The other day when visiting B yard I just sat on the deck for a half hour, reading in company of my little row of plants, just wanted to look at them. There's broccoli and swiss chard
more broccoli and lettuces
simpson lettuce
green leaf lettuce (romaine I think)
and cilantro (these plants a week younger)
big enough to go into the ground, except my ground isn't ready yet! Nice roots coming out the bottom of the little three-inch pots.
Did they really do this much better, starting outdoors in the greenhouse jugs? or are they loving and responding to the richness of my vermicompost mixed in there? I don't know but I'm glad.

baby plants!

My last set of sowing in the greenhouse jugs really took off. I've got tons of sunflowers coming up,
a few marigolds
and this rescued seedling I found sprouting a good inch below the soil when upended a jug I thought had failed. It looks like another sunflower but not sure until it gets bigger

02 May 2015

going to sleep

Poinsettia is starting to drop its leaves. Mornings I give the plant a little shake, and gather up what falls off. Soon I will cut it down to rest and trigger new growth.
It had a few lovely red bracts- well at least vivid color, if not the best form (as usual).